Urban Lease Agreements (LAU)

LAU / Urban Rental agreements

To comply with local legislation some of the properties advertised on our website are required to be rented using an urban rental agreement. These properties require a rental agreement to be in place between the registered owner of the property and the tenant. The agreement is similar to a long term rental agreement except it is only for the period that you wish to rent the property for. This allows the owner to comply with local legislation which sometimes does not allow certain properties to be let specifically as “holiday accommodation” and offer services similar to that of a hotel. An example of the agreement can be found below and you will receive a copy of the specific agreement once you have filled in the on line booking form, we will require this agreement to be signed and returned prior to your arrival.

The weekly price of the property will be as advertised on our site, the percentage required to be paid as a deposit and final payment may vary from property to property. The deposit will normally be between 20% and 30% of the full advertised price which is to be paid to Villa Vida Limited by bank transfer or debit / credit card to confirm a reservation. The balance will then normally be paid either 8 weeks prior to arrival or occasionally on arrival at the property, it will depend on how the owner wishes to receive the payment, the balance payment may in some cases be required to be paid directly to the owner. If this is the case, most property owners will require the amount to be paid in the local currency and we will convert the amount to pay before you confirm so that you know the exact amount you will be required to pay and how to pay it. We will give you the full instructions when you make the reservation. The deposit payment will include the agency commission, a holding deposit which we will transfer to the owner, it can occasionally also include other in resort costs such as cleaning, laundry and electricity , basically any costs not covered by the owner and the LAU / Urban Rental Agreement. The price that is advertised and you will pay will be an all inclusive rate, it is broken down into the deposit amount and the final payment amount which we will detail to you when you make the reservation.

Example Urban Law Rental (LAU) Agreement

Location, to-DATE-, 2015


On the one hand,

LANDLORD, with postal address in  ADDRESS Passport or national identity card INSERT NIF/NIE

(Hereinafter called “owner”)

On the other hand,

D. ———————–, with a postal address in——————————

Passport or national identity card (DNI) number——————————

(Hereinafter called “the tenant part”)


Both parties recognize the sufficient legal capacity for this Act and freely,



1 I. That the owner is the owner of the following finca in perfect state of use:

PROPERTY NAME Address: PROPERTY ADDRESS under the conditions and with the furniture and services whose description and photographs are exposed on the website INSERT WEBSITE ADDRESS

The House is clean, in perfect state of use, conservation and livability and supplies and services that have the same are running.

II. Both parties have agreed to arrange the lease by season of the above described property, which establishes this agreement, which shall be governed by the provisions of the following.




The owner gives in lease of season duration which will be indicated by the part resident, who accepts, the described property and furniture described in expository.

The present lease is a lease of season for reason, provided in article 3º.2 of the urban leases Act 29/1994, and under no circumstances and situation that occurs, the lease of the object of this contract may be used on a regular basis.



2.1. The income of the net season is —————–Euros, to be paid in the following manner:

25% of the previous price, paid at the time of booking of the property in concept of signal.

The remaining 75% will be paid prior to the entry into the estate of the tenant side.

2.2. With prior to entry into property, tenant part will deliver deposit of 300 Euros, as stipulated in article 36 of the LAU. The deposit is returned at the end of the contract, revised once housing.



 This contract is awarded by the season of —- days, from the day ——————, at 16.00 pm, and will be automatically solved without any notice, ——————-, at 10 a.m.

The tenant part must leave the property in the State in which he found it, leaving it free of effects and chattels and staying in perfect condition the services available and furniture and belongings mentioned in expository I, without fit extension thereof except written agreement between the parties.



4.1. The part of the tenant undertakes to keep the House in perfect condition during the term of duration freely agreed between both parties.

4.2. The tenant part cannot be in housing activities annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous, illegal or contrary to the statutes of the community.

You cannot store flammable, explosive or corrosive materials in housing and/or develop in the same commercial activities and industry. Cannot store flammable, explosive or corrosive materials in housing and/or develop in the same commercial activities and industry.

4.3 The tenant part will be directly and exclusively responsible and disclaims all liability to the property by:

(i) The damage that may occur to people or things and are derivatives of facilities for services and supplies of seasonal rental house.

(ii) Damage, damages or losses that occur in the same, already caused by the tenant part or people who live in the housing.

4.4. The part of the tenant may not make works or introduce any modification without the written consent of the lessor. In any case you can do drills or holes in the walls.

4.5. The owner shall maintain the supplies of water and light, gas etc., aware of payment and fully operational as well as the existing home insurance.



The part tenant renounces the rights contained in articles 31 to 33 of the law of urban leases,

Both sides ratify this agreement and signed in duplicate, to a single effect, in the place and date indicated in the heading.

Signature owner Name Date




Signature Tenant Name Date